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Assistive Technology


Assistive Technology (often abbreviated as AT) is a term for a piece of equipment, software, or product that can assist people with disabilities to perform tasks more easily or independently. Assistive technology promotes greater independence among individuals in areas that they are unable to accomplish without great difficulty. It is the Center for Students with Disabilities'  goal to provide technology that can assist students to excel in their classes. This technology ranges from time management apps on a cell phone to actual devices that can improve note-taking skills in class. 



The Center for Students with Disabilities offers services through CSDTech, that provide students with disabilities the opportunity to access learning technologies that aim to enhance overall success and independence. The CSDTech Team can demo any available apps, software, or devices upon request. Students interested in learning more, can either stop by or set up an appointment by contacting the Tech Team at 860-486-2020 or by email at


Equipment Loan

Refer to the CSD equipment loan policy and procedures for further information regarding eligibility to borrow assistive and/or learning technologies.