Event Planning


Event planners and organizers have a responsibility to help ensure accessibility for participants or attendees with disabilities. The links below will assist with ensuring this commitment.


Event attendees and/or event planners and organizers seeking assistance coordinating event-related access may contact the ADA Coordinator/Office of Institutional Equity at 860-486-2943 or equity@uconn.edu.

UConn Guidelines for Accessible Events

All University events either on or off-campus are subject to the accessibility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Event planners and organizers have a responsibility to help ensure accessibility for participants or attendees with disabilities. All event planners and organizers should be familiar with these guidelines.


UConn Guidelines for Accessible Events



Accessibility Checklist for University Events

An Accessibility Checklist for University Events has been created to help event planners provide accessibility to all persons. Event planners should review both the Accessibility Checklist and the Appendix for accessibility requirements and guidelines.

Accessibility Checklist for University Events

Publicity and Marketing

One of the keys to making events accessible and meeting compliance obligations is communication. An event accessibility statement must be provided in all publicity and pre-registration materials to ensure an opportunity for participants with disabilities to request accommodations and fully participate in the event or activity.


The event accessibility statement must include an event contact email and phone number and a timeframe to request accommodations to help ensure coordination of the requested accommodation(s). Event planners still have an obligation to make a good faith effort to fulfill a request on short notice or less than the number of days stated on the publicity material.


Event Accessibility Statement:

If you require an accommodation to participate in this event, please contact (INSERT SPONSORING DEPARTMENT CONTACT NAME) at (INSERT TELEPHONE AND EMAIL CONTACT INFORMATION) by (SPECIFIC DATE (suggestion: at least 5 days in advance)).


Pre-registration for an event provides an opportunity for event planners to provide important details about the event. A comprehensive description of the event, including location, parking, environmental conditions, services available, etc. will help participants determine what types of accommodations may be needed. Information that is helpful to know is the distance to parking areas, the availability of transportation services, whether the venue is air-conditioned, if hearing/assistive listening devices are available, scooter or wheelchair availability, and the availability of food options for persons with food allergies.


If an event includes overnight lodging, the event planner must review the accessibility features of the lodging.

Responding to Requests

When a participant requests an accommodation, respond as quickly as possible. It may take several communications to work through the details of a particular request. In some circumstances, several options may be available to address an accessibility need. The option preferred by the participant should be given primary consideration. Event planners should also budget for anticipated costs associated with an accommodation. Any questions about whether an accommodation request is reasonable, including associated costs, or general questions regarding accessibility requirements at events may be directed to the Office of Institutional Equity at 860-486-2943 or equity@uconn.edu.

Sign Language Interpretation and CART

Event planners should be prepared to provide accommodations for attendees or presenters who are deaf or hard of hearing. American Sign Language Interpretation or Communication Access Realtime Transcription (CART) is made available through the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD). To request a sign language interpreter or CART for an event or program, please complete an Interpreter / CART Request Form with the University of Connecticut Interpreting Services (UCIS). UCIS will make every effort to provide the requested accommodation. Questions should be directed to the Interpreter Coordinator at 860-486-2020 (videophone 860-553-3243) or UCIS@uconn.edu.


Interpreter / CART Request Form


Assistive listening devices are available upon request at different locations throughout University campuses. Individuals seeking assistive listening equipment are encouraged to contact a venue or event prior to arriving regarding availability. Event planners should be prepared to provide assistive listening devices upon request and test the equipment in advance of an event. For questions regarding assistive listening equipment contact the Center for Students with Disabilities at 860-486-2020 or csd@uconn.edu.

Emergency Procedures

Event planners should consider the needs of individuals with disabilities during an emergency. Event staff should be aware of the emergency evacuation procedures and understand elevators may not be available during an evacuation. An approved safe shelter should be identified and communicated to participants.

UConn’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is committed to campus safety and works to ensure that the entire UConn community is prepared for an emergency. OEM is part of the Division of Public Safety and works with the Division and entire campus community to coordinate emergency preparedness, response, and recovery activities.