Parking and Transportation

Parking Services provides convenient, efficient, and high-quality parking services to University community members on the Storrs and Regional campuses.

Visitors with state-issued disability placards/plates may park within any of the accessible spaces at North Garage or South Garage on the Storrs Campus.  State-issued disability parking placards alone do not authorize parking on any of the surface parking lots exclusively reserved for University paid permit parking.

Further information regarding Accessible Parking is available through the Parking Services website.

Should visitors who require assistance from one of the garages to the location of their event, should reach out to their event organizer to discuss options for on-campus transport. More information on transportation options for students, employees and visitors can be found on the Transportation Services website.

Students and employees who would like to request accessible parking or accessible transportation should reach out to CSD or the ADA case manager to make their accommodation request.



ADA Paratransit Services

Individuals who have a disability that prevents them from using the public transit bus service in Connecticut,  may be eligible for ADA Paratransit service. Refer to the following links for further information regarding available paratransit services.

Storrs - Windham Region Transit District

Avery Point - Southeast Area Transit District

Hartford/UConn Health - Greater Hartford Transit District

School of Law - Greater Hartford Transit District

Stamford - Norwalk Transit District

Waterbury - Northeast Transportation Company